How Can PPC Management Help Your Business Grow?

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Content creation is a good strategy to improve the visibility of a company, but the time invested before the site is referenced can be long. For start-up entrepreneurs, or for those who want to support their efforts, PPC Management campaigns are opportunities that should not be overlooked, especially when it comes to immediate results. Learn how to use PPC campaigns intelligently to boost your inbound marketing strategy.

Many professionals consider SEO optimization as a priority for their business. They are obviously right, mainly because with the new Google algorithm updates, creating content has become essential if the company wants to appear on the first couple pages of search engine results. But natural SEO (SEO) has a disadvantage. The disadvantage? The process takes some time in order to be effective. Between creating content, creating a community, building a database, optimizing SEO, a company can spend weeks or even months trying to get Google to notice its changes. When it comes to inbound marketing, count between 4 and 6 months before getting major results. Conversely, PPC management services offer instant results. Exploiting the benefits of inbound marketing supported by PPC campaigns can be a good way to increase a company’s visibility.

What is a PPC (Cost per Click) campaign?

PPC campaigns are ads based on click-through bids. That is, you pay when the user clicks on an ad. These campaigns are mainly offered by search engines and will appear in the paid results. To develop its business, social networks have also developed Local PPC Management services for companies. This means that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on pays to gain visibility on the internet. With the generalized decrease in the reach rate on social networks, it becomes almost impossible to escape without paying something.

Boost your efforts with PPC Management

If Inbound marketing offers a new approach to marketing that opposes outbound marketing, paid search management campaigns are great ways to boost a website’s content creation. Unlike inbound marketing strategies that rely primarily on content and natural referencing to increase corporate visibility, PPC campaigns have immediate effects.

Here are several examples:

  • The owner of a business launches a new product and/or service
  • The business publishes high quality content
  • The company is present on the social networks

PPC campaigns are, therefore, a tremendous means when it comes to supporting its content creation efforts. They can be modified at any time and businesses can control the length and amount of their campaigns.

Benefits of using PPC campaigns

A natural SEO strategy can take several months before delivering its initial results. For start-up entrepreneurs, PPC campaigns have an immediate effect. The second benefit of these paid services is their ability to target a specific audience. You can target an audience based on age, gender, interests, etc. Imagine that you are a marketing manager for an SME that markets training software in the region. Through social networking platforms, you can promote the content by targeting HR managers in the area. The Facebook Ads Manager tool also gives users very precise information about his or her audience profile. To access it, follow the instructions on Facebook.

It can also sponsor a company’s content on social networks. With the drop in the reach rate on social networks, a PPC management company can apply effective PPC campaigns, especially if the company wants their content to be read by a larger audience. PPC campaigns are an easy way to promote said content to a wide audience who would never have seen it otherwise. It is also profitable since users bid on different types of keywords that give them an accurate indicator of their conversion rate.

Indirect effects on SEO

As mentioned above, SEO increasingly depends on the website’s content creation. By allowing a PPC manager to use PPC campaigns to broaden the audience for any articles that are posted, you increase your visibility and your chances that your content will be shared. Numerous inbound links are then placed, which has an impact on the overall listing of the site.

PPC campaigns also test the best keywords to ensure everything flows smoothly. The first step to a successful inbound marketing campaign is to position the website clearly using valuable keywords. With the use of a reputable PPC campaign, users will have access to a quantity of data that will enable them to identify the most effective keywords. Some will even use retargeting tools in order to target visitors to visit a site. But remember, buying cycles are getting longer and longer. Less than 2% of Internet users convert on their first visit. One study showed that between 3 and 12 interactions with a brand were necessary for the user to buy. For this reason, the practice of retargeting is particularly adapted.

What is retargeting?

Retargeting involves global communicating success by targeting people who have already visited the site in question. People can run PPC campaigns on these targeted audiences with tools like Google display and Facebook Ads. If inbound marketing puts the focus on creating content to attract qualified prospects, PPC campaigns are a great way to “boost” those efforts. Always focus on the added value of the content so that any and all campaigns have the desired effect.

One last observation: Whether it is a B2B or B2C, customers are increasingly using the Internet to inform themselves before buying. The Internet, thus, totally changes the way people are communicating between each other. With inbound marketing, a company will no longer go to the consumer, it is the consumer who comes to the company.

Would Your Business Benefit From PPC Management?

If you want to learn more about how Pay-Per-Click Management can help your business grow, contact us today!

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